Please contact the apprenticeship office to be registered for all classes you wish to attend. CALL: (407) 859-0321

Saturday Classes for October:

COMET Class: Saturday Oct. 20th 8 a.m.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Know the current construction statistics

  • The need to organize all unrepresented ironworkers

  • Understand factors that influence collective bargaining

  • Know our founders vision

  • What has led to the decline in union market share

  • Attitudes that alienate the unrepresented ironworker for our union

  • Understand the similarities between union and non-union ironworkers

  • The welding shop is also open late the first Wednesday of this month

  • The welding shop will be closed to everyone while the welding class is in session from October 8th to the 19th

  • Welding test will only be held on Wednesday's once you have scheduled it with Kenney Koester

  • If you wish to use the welding shop after hours you must call and schedule it ahead of time with Kenney Koester

For more information about our Apprenticeship program please visit our Apprenticeship section of our website.